Posted by: juliegriffey | February 27, 2012

What the heck is a Vista Wipe™?

Amcon Vista Wipe™

This week Amcon is offering customers a special price on Vista Wipes™.  If you received any of our marketing materials advertising this promotion, maybe you have wondered, “What the heck is a Vista Wipe™ and why would I ever want to use one.”

Quite simply,  Vista Wipes™ are pretty fantastic.  They are disposable, pre-moistened towelettes that are used to clean eyeglasses.  They are individually wrapped in foil pouches so that they stay clean until you are ready to use them.

I am a contact lens wearer so dirty eyeglasses are not an issue that I have to contend with often.  When I did have an eye infection a few years ago and had to wear my glasses – smudges on my glasses drove me NUTS.  You would think that I would have some lens cleaner and cleaning cloths around since I work for an optical supply company… but never seem to have them.  And the ones that I did were at the bottom of my purse and not very clean. I could have really used some  Vista Wipes™ then.  Anyway – I digress…

Vista Wipes™ are not just for eyeglasses.  They are great for cleaning computer screens, TVs and phones.  With all of these electronics, consumers are warned not to spray cleaner directly on the surface.  Avoid this problem altogether and use a Vista Wipe™.

Vista Wipes™  are an Amcon product, made at our facility in St. Louis, MO and we take great pride in them.  We offer Vista Wipes™  in boxes of 24 which are a great retail item to a consumer and in a bulk package of 25o which are great giveaways from practitioners to patinets.  Once your patients try a Vista Wipe™ sample, they might be coming back to your office to purchase them.

This week the bulk box of Vista Wipes™ are on sale at Amcon.


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