Posted by: cindyletchworth | March 5, 2012

What can you do with a desk caddy??

What can you do with a desk caddy??

What can you do with a desk caddy??

He unwrapped it, perplexed. “What are these?” my friend asked as a geometric-patterned box fell on his lap.

“It’s a desk caddy,” I smiled.

“What do you do with it?” he asked looking inside.

“You put your glasses in it. The case stands upright so no lid is needed. Aren’t they the coolest thing ever?”

“Pretty neat,” he said, slipping his reading glasses inside.

The Geometric Design Eyeglass Desk Caddy is a versatile little accessory. Lined, the caddies safely hold your glasses while you sleep, or when changing from reading to distance lenses. Slim and standing about 4″ tall, they take up little space on a countertop, desk, or dresser. They come packaged in sets of three, each one being a different color.

A few weeks later, when I stopped by my friend’s house, I noticed a little flower sticking out of the tan desk caddy. I was told his granddaughter found an artificial flower in her toy box and thought it would look great on grandpa’s desk. She couldn’t find a vase so simply stuck it in the desk caddy.

That got me to thinking, how else can desk caddies be used?  I tried out a few ideas and found they can hold:

Excess change

Wrapped candy

A pad of sticky notes

Vista Naps and Vista Wipes

Pens and pencils

Lens cleaning cloths

Small American flags


A favorite piece of jewelry

The list of uses is probably infinite, and once you start thinking of all the ways you can utilize them, you might just find you want a caddy in every room. Because they are economically priced, they make a great retail item for your practice or a nice personal gift. Just remember that along with their ability to multi-task, the caddies hold specs too!



  1. I love them! I bought a set, and I keep the black one with pink geometric squares at my desk with a pair of Metro readers, with a lipstick pink soft as silk cloth. The Burgundy with the geometric squares would look good with a reader , and our new camel soft as silk cleaning cloth. You could do any colors and different styles of our cloths and shrink wrap them , ready for patients to buy! What a great retailing idea!

  2. Thanks, Mary for mentioning that we have new Soft as Silk cloth colors. Our Camel and Chocolate are great for guys and the Retro Flower is nice for women. I love your idea of shrink wrapping the caddies with cloths inside!

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