Posted by: Bryan B. | March 11, 2012

Save Your Vision Month – Increasing Eye Care Awareness in the Workplace

March is Save Your Vision Month. Health explains why “Save your Vision Month” was started:

“Save Your Vision Month is held every March and aims to increase awareness regarding good eye care. Organized by the American Optometric Association, the main focus of this event is to encourage more people to go for regular eye exams. With computers becoming an everyday part of people’s lives, the risk of eye strain and damage is higher than before. Apart from ordinary eye care, this month specially focuses on eye care in the work place with an emphasis on employers to take eye care and health seriously.”

Here are a few everyday tips you can use to ensure your eyes stay safe at your work place:

If you work in a manufacturing environment, wear eye protection. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), every day 1,000 Americans injure their eyes in a workplace accident. Of the 1,000 injuries, 600 of them are people who were not wearing proper eye protection. Midwest Eye Care P.C. estimates that each year, injuries of this nature cost $133 million between lost production, medical expenses, and workmen compensation.

For those of you who work in an office setting, prolonged use of a computer can cause eye strain. Vision Works USA says that nearly half of all computer users experience some symptoms of eye strain.  To counteract the effects of computer eye strain they suggest you do a few simple eye excercizes. Among these are palming, scanning, and head rolls.

Prolonged use of computers can also lead to dry eye. The primary reason for this is that when you are looking at a computer you tend to blink less than you would otherwise. We all know that VIVA Drops are a  great way to help lubricate your eyes (See Dry Eye Caused by Sjorgen’s Syndrome and Other Conditions: Why Viva Drops Work Where Other Eye Drops Don’t).

Our vision is something that we usually take for granted,and typically do not pay attention to until there is an issue. Please keep Save Your Vision Month in your mind this month. Maybe its time for an appointment with an eye care professional?


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