Posted by: cindyletchworth | April 3, 2012

Eye Wash to the Rescue!

In my neighborhood the utility company is trimming trees. The notice I received, in preparation for this event, indicated that limbs or entire trees could be eliminated if they are found to be interfering with electrical wires.

A sense of dread filled me when I saw the service truck park in front of my house. I watched as the utility men surveyed the area and lingered beneath the big walnut tree that hugs my backyard. This tree is my neighbor’s, but I am privy to its beauty and shade. A series of thick cables threads through its branches and for years it has cradled the wires like a giant sentry.

Slowly the men assembled their saws, ropes and ladders. Then they climbed. My breakfast was cooking on the stove, so after shoveling it down, I headed for the back door to ask how much damage the crew intended to do. Limbs were falling, and sawdust fluttered like snow as I stepped out onto the patio. Like a bullet, my dog flew past me, breaking her stay command.

She raced to the fence, looking up. Suddenly she yelped and stumbled. She began frantically pawing at her right eye. I scooped her up as she desperately clamped her eye shut between violent blinking. I could see a mass of tiny particles swimming over her dark pupil. Remembering the Eye Wash I had purchased from Amcon a couple months prior, I took the dog into the house and wrapped her in a towel. Gently I held her lids open, and flushed the eye with the sterile isotonic buffered solution. Within a couple minutes she had stopped blinking. Her eye looked clear, and I breathed a sigh of relief. The eye wash worked great, and I made a mental note to never be without this inexpensive aid again.

They severely trimmed the walnut instead of cutting it to the ground. I managed to keep the dog out of the yard while the debris was carried away, but with my girl you never know when she’ll find something else to dig her face into. Yep, better keep the Eye Wash handy.


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