Posted by: juliegriffey | April 16, 2012

What I am Loving this Season at Amcon: The New Contact Lens Care Compact

I really should not be allowed to wear contacts.  I live waaaaay too dangerously.  Although I am fairly nearsighted (-4.25 in each eye) I have traveled without my glasses AND without a spare pair of contact lenses.  Stupid, I know.  I would not be able to function without my glasses or contact lenses. But I just don’t stop and think long enough to consider the consequence of my actions.  What if I tore a contact, or my eye got infected, or even if a speck of dirt got in my eye?  I would be completely out of luck.

So this is the reason I am so excited about this new product we are offering at Amcon: the Contact Lens Care Compact.  It’s a screw-top contact lens case enclosed in a larger plastic case with a pair of tweezers and two small vials for solution.  It is small enough to throw in your purse, glove compartment, briefcase or suitcase but large enough to accommodate all the essential contact lens care items.We are currently offering them in sets or eight: 2 pink, 2 purple and 4 black, as we imagine black will be the biggest seller when these are retailed from the practitioner’s office.

Personally – the hot pink one is my favorite and I am planning on hitting up the purchasing department for a sample.  (A nice perk of my job).  So when contact lens disaster does inevitably strike in the future… i will be prepared!




  1. I think this will be a great travel option. Also, do you have any kids getting ready to move away to college? This item could be great to put in a care package…. along with a digicase, their favorite solutions and Vista Prep 🙂

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