Posted by: juliegriffey | May 13, 2012

These ophthalmic pharmaceuticals need to stay COLD – stock up now before it heats up!

Summertime presents a challenge for the purchasing and sales departments at Amcon when it comes to stocking and delivering certain pharmaceuticals. The reason is the weather.

Amcon carries eight different pharmaceuticals that must be stored between 2- 8 degrees C (36 – 46 F) or they are subject to degradation or breakdown if they get too warm or are kept too long at room temperature. To maintain this temperature our vendors ship them to us in coolers and we store them in our warehouse in a refrigerator.

When it comes to shipping them to our customers, we use special packaging to keep them insulated. We also avoid shipping these pharmaceuticals when the temperatures are high. This time span can be up to three weeks during the summer.

So what does this mean for you?  Stock up now before it gets too hot.  To help incentivize our customers to order these pharmaceuticals while we can still ship them, we have put some of them on sale.   Please visit our web site for more information.

The following Amcon pharmaceuticals must be refrigerated.

PO-6362 Fluress
PO-6366 B&L Fluorescein Sodium & Benoxinate Hydrochloride
PO-6368 Altafluor
PO-6437 Proparacaine/Fluorescein
PO-6439 Flura-Safe
PO-6383 B&L Proparacaine
PO-6372 Proparacaine
PO-6431 Vigamox



  1. I’m guessing something in the code didn’t read the “degree symbol” correctly… According to the AMCON catalog, the Fahrenheit temp rangs should read “36 – 46 F”. No boiling the pharms!! 🙂

    • That was just a test to see if you all were really reading! ha

  2. I was thinking, please do not put a 360 degree drop in my eye. Thank you very much 🙂

    • Sorry for the typo! Somehow my degree signs turned into zeros. whoops! It is fixed now.

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