Posted by: Bryan B. | May 21, 2012

VIVA Drops® Recommended in Spring 2012 Issue of Health Freedom News

In the Spring 2012 issue of Health Freedom News, VIVA Drops® gets a great recommendation.

In the article “How FDA Regulations Regarding Natural Medicine Harm the Public” the author, Alan R. Gaby, MD,  recounts a commercial he has seen on television for a prescription dry eye medication. The commercial is of an eye doctor and a patient talking about the patient’s chronic use of eye drops for dry eye syndrome. In the commercial, the doctor writes a script for the prescription dry eye medication.

The author then relays how the visit would of played out if the physician had heard of VIVA Drops®  and was aware of the 2009 American Journal of Ophthalmology study that showed  VIVA Drops®  to be just as effective as the prescription drop in the commercial, but at a FRACTION OF THE COST, and with FEWER SIDE EFFECTS.

Had the doctor recommended VIVA Drops®, she would have saved her patient a lot of money.  VIVA Drops® costs approximately $10-$12 for an approximate 30 day supply, whereas the prescription drop costs approximately $206 for a 15 day supply and $504 or a 60 day supply, or about $6000/year!!!

Wow! This certainly puts things in perspective.  Okay – I realize I am biased – but if you were paying that much for your dry eye medication, why not give VIVA Drops® a try?

Want to know more about VIVA Drops® visit the web site or  like them on Facebook.

Thank you Dr. Gaby for telling it like it is!


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