Posted by: jacobrziegler | May 31, 2012

VIVA Drops Help Man’s Best Friend

Amcon sales rep, Kim L., takes all calls that come in for VIVA Drops, so she is used to hearing stories about how VIVA Drops has helped relieve dry eye syndrome.  However, usually the dry eye syndrome is afflicting a human… not in this case.

Cindy R. from California told Kim that she has been using VIVA Drops on her poodle, Ivan, after he had cataract surgery. According to Cindy, after the surgery Ivan was completely blind, but after using VIVA Drops for a few months, Ivan is able to see again. Cindy believes VIVA Drops are a tremendous factor in helping Ivan see because they keep his eyes moist.

Sounds pretty miraculous to us! We don’t make any claims that VIVA Drops will restore your pet’s vision – but are happy to have a satisfied customer in Cindy and Ivan.

For more information about VIVA Drops or to request a free sample, please go to: 


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