Posted by: juliegriffey | June 11, 2012

Amcon’s AR Kleen Lens Cleaner – “the only product for anti-reflective lenses”

On occasion, consumers contact our Amcon sales reps looking to purchase a product that they have discovered at their eye doctor’s office.  For some reason they can buy the product at the doctor’s office, so they contact us because they read the product packaging and were able to identify us as the manufacturer.

Just last week, we got an email from a woman in Michigan who wanted to purchase more AR Kleen.

Recently I purchased eye glasses from [my optometrist].  For being a customer, they give out small bottles of AR Kleen, but they do not sell it at the center.  It is the only product that clean my new antreflective lenses.  Can you tell me where I can purchase your product in Southeastern Michigan?

When we get these inquiries our Amcon sales reps search our customer database to find practices in close proximity to the consumer that purchase the product of interest, and we direct the consumer to these businesses.

Products like AR Kleen that develop a consumer fan following are great giveaways. But once your customers fall in love with the product, why not retail a form of AR Kleen to make it easy for them to get some more?  If you give away imprinted AR Kleen – your practice info is on the bottle, so the customer knows exactly where to go to get more.  This seems like a great way to improve customer satisfaction as well as increase you retail dollars.

AR Kleen is available in multiple forms that works well for practice retailing.  Check out our 1 and 2 oz pre-pack displays, pegable lens cleaning kits, the 1oz / 8oz companion kit and the Click and Spritz pre-pack display.  All of these products make it easy to retail AR Kleen and keep your customers happy and returning to your office.



  1. As the Imprint Coordinator at Amcon for the past 10 years almost (wow! 10 years already!?), I’ve seen several customers who will give away a 1oz bottle with each pair of glasses purchased & then retail larger bottles, or they will have us include as part of their imprint something like “return for 1/2 price refills”. We even have 1 client in Illinois that retails the 8oz bottles, but allows their patients 3 free refills on each bottle. They keep track of this by marking off one of 3 boxes that are part of the imprint with a permanent ink each time they refill. Even though the patient is getting a “free” refill, you’re getting them to come back in the shop where they might find another optical accessory that they just can’t live without!
    Ask us about printing your bottles with a scanable UPC code to make it even easier to retail!

  2. Can Amcon’s AR Kleen Lens Cleaner be used on polarising filters?

    • Hi – I hope you saw last week’s blog post. That should answer your question.

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