Posted by: cindyletchworth | June 24, 2012

When Money is Tight – Retail Solutions for Your Optical Practice.

Vista Prep® Retail Combo Pack Money’s tight. Let’s face it, not only are patients struggling, but so are businesses and medical practices. Making additional income through your practice is getting harder because many individuals have less revenue to spend on extras.

That being said, people who wear glasses and contacts do have needs that can’t be denied. Thinking in different ways may open the door to new possibilities. Some ways to offer extras, and save money while doing so, might be in the way we present certain items.

Let’s take lens cleaner. A lot of practices give eyeglass customers lens cleaner as a courtesy when they purchase a new pair of glasses. Instead of giving them a 2 oz. spray, look into our 1 oz. squeeze bottles. The 1 oz. Squeeze comes in both AR Kleen and Comsa Kleen, and is a less expensive alternative for the same great product. If you give cleaner out as a free item, mention to them some of the cleaner’s properties like being anti-fog. Giving out information costs nothing, but is a magnet for repeat business.

Blister packs with optical accessories can also provide you a way to offer your clients reasonably priced products without a lot of investment. Most of our blister packs cost less than $2.00, and they offer your patients everything from Sports Bands to the very popular Rolled Sunglasses. You can hang the packs up or set them on a table display.

Affordable items you can offer contact lens wearers can range from removers/inserters to cleaning pads. An item they will have a hard time finding anywhere else is Vista Prep Optical Hand Scrub. You may be familiar with this product coming in a 32 oz refill size, but did you know it also comes in 1 oz. bottles? Explain that the 1 ounce can be taken to work or used while on vacation, and that this product contains no soap or harsh alkalies. Advertise Vista Prep’s great benefits, and watch what happens. You may start retailing the new Retail Combo Pack, which includes the 1 oz. travel size, in no time at all.

Visor sunglass clips or Ficklets make a nifty counter-top item. Both are small and easily displayed in a basket or bowl near the cash register for those impulse purchases. Now that summer is in full swing, people gravitate towards these types of extras. Once you start thinking about where your patients may extend their extra dollars, you will begin to come up with new ideas for retail possibilities. Offering something basic or fun is a great place to start.


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