Posted by: juliegriffey | July 22, 2012

Looking for an alternative to Restasis prescription eye drops?

Paying a lot for your dry eye medication?

If you are looking for an alternative to Restasis – you’re not alone…If you spend a few minutes Googling the phrases “Restasis alternative” plenty of results pop up and what you find is VERY interesting.

But first of all, why would anyone be looking for an alternative to the dry eye prescription eye drop, Restasis? It is expensive. According to various on-line sources, the price for a one-month supply is around $100 with insurance – $300 without.  Secondly, many people report that it burns your eyes when you use it.

So… there’s the motivation to look for an alternative.  But, still, it is hard to find any answers.  There are no generic alternatives to Restasis, therefore there is not much you can do about the cost.  And I can not find any helpful post to suggest that any other drop works as well.   On one message board someone suggests to try to get more Vitamin A from food sources because Vitamin A has been show to help dry eye.  This makes me want to scream at these message boards…. yes, getting warmer….why not just use an eye drop that contains Vitamin A?

VIVA Drops are the only over-the-counter eye drop that contain Vitamin A. They were demonstrated to be just as effective as treating dry eye as Restasis (Learn more about the 2009 Journal of Ophthalmology Study).  Please let us know if you have used VIVA Drops as an alternative to Restasis, and what your experience has been, or request a sample of VIVA Drops if you would like to try them).



  1. I have used Viva drops and liked them very much but I was told by the Pharmacy where I purchased them that they had been taken off the market because they needed a perservative included. I hope it is back on the market now.

    • We are hoping it is soon as well.

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