Posted by: cindyletchworth | July 29, 2012

Bon Voyage Judy: Our Amcon Inbound Sales Manager!

In August, one of our finest sales representatives will be leaving us for a leisurely life of retirement. If you’ve ever spoken with Judy, you know she possess a calm demeanor and extreme patience. She is always ready to extend that extra helping hand when customers call in with questions or need to place an order.

Working with Judy has been a pleasure, and we couldn’t let her get away without finding out a little bit about her beginnings at Amcon, which started over 21 years ago.

I started out as a secretary/switchboard person for the sales room, ” she told me. “We did not have a separate inbound/outbound department at that time. I  answered the phone, pulled color-coded 3×5″ index cards for the representatives, gave the card to the rep, went back to my desk and transferred the call. After the order was written, by the rep, the index card and the order was laid on my desk. I wrote every single word from the order onto the card, and set up a recall date. The cards held years of information. I also invoiced for a while.”

Judy has spent the last 15 years as in inbound representative. That means she takes customer’s orders as they come through. She has dealt with people from all over the country as well as some from overseas. She knows many of our stock numbers by heart, and has hundreds of answers to product questions tucked inside her catalog.

I was curious as to which Amcon product Judy is most fond of. “I really like the Solar Shield Solitaires,” she replied. “The sunglasses fit comfortably over prescription glasses and the wide side and top shields gives good coverage from sun, wind and also sand if you are on the beach. I love that they are polarized.The Vista Prep is also an old favorite that I use for just about everything from washing a dog to using before I put my contacts in.”

What has impressed Judy the most about working at Amcon? “My co-workers,” she stated. “I have enjoyed being able to train every person in both departments. I have come to know each inbound and outbound rep fairly well. Each is special in their own way.”

Instead of asking her the usual travel question, I wondered where she would live if she left Missouri. “I would live on an island surrounded by water,” she sighed. “Maybe Tahiti would be nice. Any island that has few, if any, people on it.  Living in a grass-thatched-roofed hut at the end of a long dock that extends out into the water would be wonderful.” Judy loves the heat, so in lieu of moving to an exotic island, she said she will spend the rest of the summer in and around her swimming pool.

Eventually she longs to work with an animal rescue organization. This will be a natural fit considering she has three rescued pets. Two of these animals are rabbits. The first rabbit she took in was found running loose down the street with its mother and sibling. A neighbor successfully captured the rabbit, and Judy decided to add it to her family. Her second bunny came from the Missouri House Rabbit Society, which is a no-kill shelter.

One thing Judy won’t miss is wearing her headset and the time clock. But she was sentimental about what she will miss once she leaves. “I will miss the great people I work with which includes all of the departments,” she said.

Monday, August 6th, will be her first weekday free of rush hour traffic. How early will she get up that day? “If I remember to turn my 5:00 a.m. alarm off, I hope to sleep till 8:00 a.m. or until the cat wakes me,” she grinned.

We all wish Judy the best in her new life. We will miss her.



  1. Here, here! We certainly will miss you! I hope you get to travel somewhere with Dorothy (another retired inbound rep). 🙂 Good luck!!!

  2. You will be missed! Enjoy your retirement and I am so jellin’.

  3. You will be missed. I learned a awful lot from you and will miss you! Enjoy your retirement! You deserve it!!

  4. Bye Judy, you will be missed. Have fun sitting out by the pool and chillin.

    • Enjoy you retirement! Wishing you health and joy! Barby

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