Posted by: juliegriffey | August 6, 2012

Optical Practice Marketing: Creating a Facebook Page and Getting Likes

Facebook page for VIVA Drops

Facebook: You either love it or hate it. If you are a Facebook user, surely you have some pet peevs. The person who posts while on vacation in exotic places, the mother who posts every hour about how she enjoys being with her kids (but you are on Facebook….), the political ranters… Yes – there are some very annoying aspects to Facebook. However, with all these eyes on Facebook pages, it’s undeniable that Facebook can be a useful marketing tool for your practice.

To begin to take advantage of Facebook’s marketing capabilities, you first need to create a Facebook page for your optical practice. You may need some assistance from your graphic designer or web developer to generate images in the appropriate size and resolution.

After getting your page up, you should determine a schedule for regularly posting meaningful, interesting content. All of this content will eventually be parsed by search engines which will boost your rankings and help you be more easily found.

Now you need to get some “Likes.” Why? Once someone “Likes” you then every time you create a post under the identity of your practice – that post will be displayed on their page. So, for example, let’s say “Jenny” is my Facebook friend who likes “Sweet Eyes Optical.” Sweet Eyes creates a status update on Facebook and it shows up on Jenny’s page. As a friend of Jenny – I may be checking out her page and I notice Sweet Eyes Optical’s post which looks interesting to me so I like them. This pattern leads to greater exposure. More likes beget more likes.

Getting some initial likes can be tricky – so why not offer something to your audience for “liking your practice.” What about offering $10 off a pair of glasses if you “Like” Sweet Eyes? You get a “like” and a customer walking in your store to buy glasses?

Maintaining a Facebook page takes time and will require you to go on Facebook more frequently (which means tolerating some annoying posts and friend requests from people you can’t remember) but with a little dedication and effort it can pay off in spades.

Check out our Facebook page for VIVA Drops. We launched about six months ago and now are up to 233 likes. Offering free samples of VIVA Drops has helped to increase our number of likes – leading to great exposure of our product and getting samples into the hands of people who really want it.


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