Posted by: juliegriffey | August 18, 2012

Optical Practice Marketing: The Effectiveness of Advertising in Church Bulletins

When I make it to church I look at the back of the church bulletin and often wonder if it is an effective form of advertising or simply a donation to the church. Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to that question but I do think that it could be an effective place to market your optical practice. Here’s why.
1) People usually live near the church they attend.  People also like to go to a practitioner close to home. If your practice is located near that church, then the people reading the bulletin must be close to you, therefore good potential customers.

2) You are connecting to your supporters in a personal way.  Let’s say you advertise on a billboard.  Someone driving down the road reads your billboard.  They have no connection to you or your company just because you chose to advertise on a billboard on the road they happen to be driving on.  But when you advertise in the church bulletin – you are making a connection with your audience…. you are saying: “you support this church, I support this church, we should do business together.”

3) You have a captive audience…. especially if it’s a really LONG, BORING sermon.  Admit it.  That bulletin is a welcome respite from a boring sermon.

4) Not much competition.  Think about it.  The church bulletin is not that big.  How many other optical practices are currently advertising in the church bulletin.

5) A lot of older people need to see eye doctors.  A lot of older people go to church.  There you go.

This is all theory… things I think about at church when I should be paying attention to the service.  But now I ‘m curious…. have you ever advertised your practice in the church bulletin?  How effective was that advertising? Did you offer some type of special to track people who discovered your practice via the church bulletin?  Please comment and share your thoughts and experience!


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