Posted by: juliegriffey | August 26, 2012

How am I Supposed to Change my Contact Lens Case When I Don’t Have a Spare?

I read a complaint recently about the packaging of contact lens solutions.  How come the solution is designed to last for 60+ days but only one spare case is included?  How can I be compliant in changing my contact lens case every 30 days when I only have one spare?

Clearly consumers should be purchasing additional contact lens cases to supplement the freebie provided by the contact lens solutions.  But are practitioners getting this message to their patients and making contact lens cases available for purchase?

Frankly, I wasn’t sure of the recommended time period for keeping a contact lens case until I Googled it a few minutes ago.  This is a message that should be emphasized by the practitioners.

The Digicase reminds the patient when to replace their lenses – and their case, too!

In addition, practitioners should offer some products to help their patients be more compliant.  What about selling a package of contact lens cases?  Or better yet – why not retail the Digicase?  The Digicase is a contact lens case that holds a traditional screw-top case inside.  What makes the Digicase specials is that it counts down the days that you have owned your contacts to remind you when it is time to replace them.  Patients can replace cases on a similar schedule.

In our new Digicase retail pack, three extra screw-top contact lens cases are provided to help ensure the patient actually has a spare case when it’s time for a new one.


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