Posted by: juliegriffey | September 1, 2012

Want to gross out some kids and promote your optical practice?

Really? You are cutting into a cow’s eye?

One of the days my friends and I will never forget in grade school is the day that we dissected a cow’s eye. Every year one of our classmate’s dad, who was an ophthalmologist, would visit our classroom, talk about eye health, and then cut into a cow’s eye to show us some of the anatomy. A bloody cow’s eye leaves quite an impression on a kid. It’s hard to shake that visual.

Reflecting on this event as an adult makes me wonder if the annual cow’s eye lecture was truly altruistic on the part of Aaron’s dad or could there have also been a bit of an agenda? It certainly didn’t hurt his practice to have fifty kids coming home talking about the cow’s eye. Even if us kids thought that bringing a cow’s eye into class was a little gross and weird, the message delivered back to our folks was powerful; Aaron’s dad was an eye doctor and kind enough to volunteer his time to come to our school. If any of our families needed an eye doctor, where do you think we would go?

Could this be an effective strategy to help you promote your optical practice? I don’t know if you will pick up any business bringing a cow’s eye to a 2nd grade class but you certainly will gross out some kids.



  1. It’s like the time we had to do dissection in biology class…since I’m an animal lover it was nearly impossible for me to cut into the dead frogs laying on the silver tray. It was everything I could do to make it through that hour….but I have to say, I never forgot it!

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