Posted by: juliegriffey | September 8, 2012

Amcon Triathlete Wants Her VIVA Drops®

ImageThis week we donated 2,000 sample packs of VIVA Drops® to one of our favorite organizations, Pedal the Cause.  Riders will receive a sample pack in their goodie bags at the ride on October 7th.  Shortly after I made the delivery of VIVA over to Pedal headquarters, I received the following email from Amcon sales rep, Mary Court, who just completed her first triathlon. Ironically, Mary asked if I had considered donating some VIVA Drops® to an athletic event…. um… yea!  Here’s what she said.

I wanted to tell you that when I did my Triathlon last Saturday, I had purchased some Viva Drops and thank  goodness I did. When I got out of the Lake after swimming my eyes were really dry especially from wearing the goggles. Anyway, Have you ever thought about  offering VIVA Drops at events like this?  I  would think it would go over very well.  Just wanted to let you know. I am thankful I had mine with me.

Thanks for the testimonial, Mary.  We are so glad that VIVA Drops® helped you out.  And congratulations on this awesome accomplishment.



  1. Way to go Mary!!!!

    • Thank you Susie!

  2. My father is on the board of The Kilo Foundation which is one of the leading foundations for diabetes Amcon donated 300 samples for there golf tournament to go in there goody bags also. What was nice about it we had to send samples for the board to try before they would approve it.

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