Posted by: juliegriffey | September 30, 2012

Keeping my new computer, phone and glasses clean with the Click & Spritz

My husband has been pestering me about getting some Amcon lens cleaner to clean our computer and TV screens at home and I always seem to forget.  Apparently lens cleaner is not something I think about too often until I really need it because I always fail to bring some home.  But recently I finally remembered to pick up some lens cleaner when I saw a Click & Spritz lens cleaning kit sitting on a fellow employee’s desk.

“Can I have that?” I asked.

“Yeah, take it. I already have one in my purse.”

Wahoo! Mission accomplished.  I have my own little portable cleaning kit to transport with me in my computer bag.  And, what a great little cleaning kit this is.

The Click & Spritz is a revelation.  It is a  lens cleaning compact that contains a 1oz bottle of Click & Spritz multi-purpose lens cleaner and a 6″ x 6″ Soft as Silk microfiber lens cleaning cloth.   The cloth fits neatly and easily in the clear compact and the cleaner snaps right into place preventing the cloth from falling out. It is a perfect, modern little lens cleaning kit and it has already come in handy many times when cleaning my eyeglasses and computer screen.

So after my husband’s urging, I finally picked up some lens cleaner, however, ironically, my husband has not yet reaped the benefit. My Click & Spritz now travels with me wherever I go.  So I need to remember to pick one up for him and maybe some other people…  This could be the perfect stocking stuffer!



  1. Julie, we’ve actually had a few customers (and one employee) who ordered these kits imprinted for wedding favors. I *love* the idea of lens cleaning kits for wedding favors. Unlike many favors I’ve seen, this is an item that is actually useful for anyone, whether you wear glasses or not! Who doesn’t have a computer, tv, tablet, or phone screen to clean these days!?
    Also, like you said, they make great stocking stuffers. One of the sales reps likes to use this as a selling point; the cloth being inside the case like it is doesn’t pick up all that lint and detrius inside a purse, gym bag, or (in your case) computer bag like they do if they are floating freely in these containers.

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