Posted by: juliegriffey | October 8, 2012

Five reasons why Amcon’s contact lens cases are better than the rest

Amcon's Screw Top Contact Lens Cases

One of the many different types of screw top contact lens cases sold at Amcon.

LASIK surgery seems to be more and more commonplace, however the demand for contact lens supplies has not slowed down, which is why, in the 2012 Amcon Labs catalog we offer several different lines of contact lens cases.  After comparing our selection and quality of screw top contact lens cases, we arrived at five reasons why our offerings our superior to the rest.

1) Low price.  Our competitors’ prices range from $.47 – $.62 each.  Amcon’s offers contact lens cases as low as $.41/ea (when purchasing 1,000 or more).

2) Better color selection.  The Translucent Twist Screw Top Cases are bright and vibrant and come in 5 different colors: pink, blue, purple, yellow and white.  The White Screw Top Cases with Color Lid come in five different colors as well: yellow, red, green, blue and purple.

3) Different price points.  We offer three different lines of Screw Top Cases to appeal to different budgets.

4) All Amcon’s screw top contact lens cases fit into our Designer Lens Cases.  Amcon sells a wide array of designer lens cases that are designed to carry your screw top contact lens case in style.  They also feature a mirror to aid in insertion and removal of the contact lens.

5) All Amcon’s screw top contact lens cases fit into our Digicase.  This Digital Contact Lens Reminder Case is selling like hotcakes.  When it’s time to change your contacts – change your contact lens case as well – with a replacement contact lens case from Amcon Labs.


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