Posted by: juliegriffey | October 14, 2012

Amcon Lens Cleaner Concentrate: An economical way to offer free refills and keep them coming back.

AR Kleen® Concentrate/Gallon Combo

Looking for a method of keeping your office stocked with eyeglass lens cleaner that is economical and green? Consider Amcon’s Lens Cleaner Concentrate / Gallon combo.  Simply  fill the empty gallon with distilled or deionized water, add the liquid concentrate, recap, and shake to mix and voila – you have a gallon of eyeglass lens cleaner at a fraction of the price of a premixed gallon lens cleaner.

Buying your refill lens cleaner in a concentrate form allows you to keep shipping costs down. An empty gallon container weighs a lot less than one that is full. Less weight means a lower shipping cost.

Lens cleaner in a concentrate form and reusing the gallon container is also more green than buying premixed cleaner.  Your gallon refill container is reused again and again.  You simply repurchase the Concentrate.

Having refill lens cleaner in your office also encourages your patients to come back for a visit.  Refill their lens cleaner for free using your AR Kleen lens cleaner refill.

Not all of Amcon’s competitors carry a lens cleaner concentrate.  But when we looked at those that did carry a comparable product,  we discovered that Amcon’s price is much lower.



  1. I think it is economical when you but this 1 gallon of contact lens cleaner because you can save money for the shipping fee if you keep on ordering small bottles. Atleast, if you have thses at home you will just refill your small bottle that you always carry with you. -

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