Posted by: juliegriffey | October 22, 2012

A Creative Use for Lens Edging Pads

Lens edging pads are a popular item with Amcon customers. Don’t know what they are? Edging pads are attached to the edging block which are then attached to the lens blank.  The edging pad acts as an adhesive and a cushion between the lens blank and the edging block during the surfacing and edging process.  A good edging pad holds the lens in place to avoid slippage during these processes.

So how well do our edging pads prevent slippage?  Amcon sales rep, Vicki R. thought that if Amcon’s lens edging pads could hold lenses so effectively – maybe they could hold her phone.

I always had a problem with my phone going all over my desk.   I try to make 75 calls a day to make sure my customers are all serviced and to bring in some new business.   So one day,  I had a request for samples of lens edging pads.   While I was sending out my sample, I found how sticky there were and how well they held.   So I took four of my red edge and stuck my phone to my desk.    It stayed that in place for at least two years  – maybe longer.

At my new desk, I am now using regular lens edging pads and they stick well also.  I’ve implemented this same solution at home.  No more phone chasing at work or at home.

Thanks for the tip, Vicki! And guess what? Lens edging pads are on sale now as well. Consider picking up an extra roll for your phones.



  1. That’s an awesome tip, Vicki! I’ve also heard of customers using the regular white edging pads for hanging items on the wall in the office. (Test in an out-of-the way place first to be sure your paint doesn’t come off when you remove the pads.)

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