Posted by: juliegriffey | November 4, 2012

Yes! You CAN Open Amcon’s Screws One-Handed Without Spilling Them Everywhere

I really hadn’t given the packaging of our screws a lot of thought… until I got my hands on some of our competitors’.  And oh what a difference there is.

Here’s what I discovered.  Some of our competitor’s screws are sold in shallow cylinders with a lid that is nearly as large as the container.  They are small and difficult to manipulate with one hand.  And, once you do open the lid, because the lid is so large compared to the container, it is quite tippy.

Experiencing these sub par cases really made me appreciate the way in which Amcon’s screws are packaged.  Amcon’s screws are sold in a rectangular, plastic case with a pop-top that looks like a pack of tic tacs.  The design allows a user to pop open the lid with one hand and easily shake out a screw or two. Beautiful.

I don’t mean to diminish the quality of Amcon’s screws.  They are fantastic.  But the “tic tac”
case… we really have a leg up on the competition.



  1. […] The packaging.  Our screws are packed in a tic tac like container so the package can be easily opened with one hand.  And, unlike some of our competitors, the screw container is transparent – so you can […]

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