Posted by: juliegriffey | November 18, 2012

Amcon offers the best price on Kimwipes, the economical, disposable, cleaning cloths. At this price, why not use try out these unconventional uses?

Kimwipes: more than meets the eye.

Kimwipes, the economical, disposable, cleaning cloths are a staple item in many, many optical offices.  We know because we sell a HECK of A LOT of them.  We even sell a dispenser for the Kimwipes to protect them from spills in the  office and to keep them popping up no matter how low the quantity in the box.

Curious about how our pricing on Kimwipes lines up with our competitors, we did a little research on our own and found that… aha! Maybe we sell so many Kimwipes because we offer them at such an amazing price.  Amcon’s price per box is $2.80 (and even lower when you purchase a case of 60).  Competitor pricing ranges from $2.95 – $4.75/box.  Yes… that is no typo: $4.75/box.  That’s double our price.

With a price this low, you may wonder… what else can I use Kimwipes for besides cleaning eyeglasses?  Our sales rep, Stephanie relayed these unusual tidbits from her customers.

I’ve actually had female customers tell me they use Kimwipes when styling hair. They put them around their rollers and hair pins to prevent indentations on the hair when they get a set ‘n style.

Another customer uses them to wipe electronics since the tissue is soft and has no lint.

Thanks for the tips, Stephanie!  And thank you Amcon customers for purchasing your Kimwipes from us.


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