Posted by: juliegriffey | December 10, 2012

Amcon’s Squash Team Won’t Play Without the Zero-Fog Anti-Fog Anti-Static Spray

Zero-Fog Spray

Zero-Fog Spray

Okay – did you really think that Amcon Labs had it’s own squash team?  We don’t actually have a corporate squash team…  but we do have one very avid squash player on staff who won’t play without her Zero-Fog spray.  And it was actually her strong advocation for the product which provided the impetus to bring the product in.

You see, when you play squash, you get VERY sweaty and the enclosed environment becomes incredibly hot and humid. Your goggles tend to fog up almost immediately.   So what’s a squash player to do?

Our resident squash player says that if she sprays her goggles with the Zero-Fog spray prior to play, her goggles don’t fog and she can actually see the ball!  (What a way to get a leg up on the competition!) Amcon’s Zero-Fog works better than anything she has tried.

I would love to try out the Zero-Fog spray but don’t think I will be hitting the squash court any time soon.  So I’ll be sure to throw some in my bag before I hit the slopes this winter.


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