Posted by: juliegriffey | January 21, 2013

Five surprising facts about artificial eyes.

shutterstock_54715156At Amcon we sell an artificial eye inserter / remover. I recently learned that each year we sell over 2,000 per year. This got me curious about artificial eyes and after a little browsing on-line – I learned a few surprising facts.

1) You still might use an eye drop even if you have an artificial eye. Artificial eyes are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Lubricating drops may ease discomfort in extreme weather conditions.

2) Your eye can still tear even if it is artificial.  Tear production is not within the eye, itself.

3) Artificial eyes are sometimes made for dogs – purely for cosmetic reasons.

4) Specialists who make artificial eyes spend over 10,000 in training to learn how to make the artificial eye look as realistic as possible.

5) The cost of an artificial eye ranges from about $1500 – $2500.

Do you know any more about artificial eyes? Please share!


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