Posted by: juliegriffey | February 3, 2013

The Zoo Keepers are BAAAACCCKKK! The perfect new friend to help little ones get used to their glasses and reduce parent’s frustration!

When a child gets the news that they have to wear glasses full-time, it is typical for them to resist. I mean, which one of the cool kids on TV wear glasses? The glasses-wearing character is ALWAYS the nerd. So why would a kid want to wear glasses, and what, as a parent can you do about it?

There are many resources on-line that address this conundrum, and in reading some of these articles, I realized that some of the Amcon products could help ease this transition. For example, one of the tips I read for getting kids used to wearing glasses is to establish a routine of taking off their glasses at night, putting them in a consistent location, and then putting the glasses on first thing in the morning. This habit helps to make wearing glasses part of a kid’s normal routine. But how do you get your kids to put their glasses in the same place every night? Get them one of Amcon’s Zoo Keepers!

The Zoo Keepers are adorable zoo animal characters designed to hold a pair of glasses. They are sturdy and durable and will look super cute on a kid’s nightstand. Zoo Keepers give kids a little extra encouragement to keep their glasses in a consistent location.

Zoo Keepers may provide some comfort to children getting used to their glasses. But maybe more importantly, they may also provide some additional comfort to a parent. Knowing where the glasses are every morning will reduce frantic last minute searching for a child’s glasses every morning.

Zoo Keepers are new and very hot at Amcon… be sure to ask your sales reps about them.


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