Posted by: juliegriffey | February 11, 2013

5 reasons why a good eyeglass case is well worth the investment.

shutterstock_38942017-1This month at Amcon we introduced a new line of eyeglass cases, the Metal Body Wrap.  These cases are designed to be supremely durable to provide the ultimate protection for your specs.

There are a number of benefits to putting your glasses in a case like the Metal Body Wrap.  Consider the following five scenarios that could be avoided if you had kept your glasses in a protective case.

1) They fall out of your shirt pocket.  Men tend to tuck their glasses in their shirt pocket.  They bend over and…Splat! Glasses on the ground.

2) Your kids get a hold of them and chew on them or decide to throw them in a toilet or the trash. (This is not an exaggeration – my son threw my keys in the trash, and when I guessed this could be a possibility I went out the to trash and fished the bag out.  That was fun.)

3) You or one of your kids, dog, pet snake, whatever step on, sit on or crush them.

4) The glasses get beat up in your purse during travel.  Think about the beat up nasty things you pull out of the bottom of your purse.  If you don’t protect your glasses – it will happen to them too.

5) You lose them.  I think I lose my glasses about every day.  However if I developed a habit where I put my glasses in the same colorful case everyday, I would always know where they were.  (Hmmmm…. maybe I should take my own advice!)

So be kind to your glasses, protect your investment and put them in a quality case.



  1. I love our new metal body wrap cases. My larger framed sunglasses fit nicely in the case and I never have to worry about finding them in my purse.

  2. i will do so 🙂

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