Posted by: juliegriffey | February 24, 2013

How do you sterilize optical instruments?

How do you disinfect your optical instruments?

How do you disinfect your optical instruments?

How do you sterilize the instruments that are used in your optical practice? Until I looked into this I had no idea that there were different levels of sterilization recommended for different types of instruments.  But, alas, there is.

It seems like many of the optical instruments that come in contact with a patient’s eye would fall under the following guidelines listed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Reusable devices or items that touch mucous membranes should, at a minimum, receive high-level disinfection between patients. These devices include reusable flexible endoscopes, endotracheal tubes, anesthesia breathing circuits, and respiratory therapy equipment.

So, what, exactly is high level disinfection?

The FDA definition of high-level disinfection is a sterilant used for a shorter contact time to achieve a 6-log10 kill of an appropriate Mycobacteriumspecies. Cleaning followed by high-level disinfection should eliminate enough pathogens to prevent transmission of infection.

High level disinfection has better disinfecting capabilities than more commonly known disinfectants (i.e., phenolic, iodophor, alcohol, chlorine), which are considered intermediate-level disinfectants.  Amcon makes it easy for offices to keep their instruments disinfected and abiding with the standards established by the CDC.  Check out are Cidex Plus®, a high level disinfectant, ideal for sterilizing optical instruments.  Cidex Plus® is on sale this month at Amcon.



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