Posted by: juliegriffey | March 2, 2013

Amcon exhibits at SECO – Atlanta

Amcon Labs - The Eyecare Supply Center Exhibits at SECO

Amcon Labs – The Eyecare Supply Center Exhibits at SECO

It’s been 18 – maybe 19 years since our last appearance at SECO – but we are back! Amcon has made it’s return to exhibiting at SECO.

It was three days of mingling, sampling, taking orders and reconnecting with familiar faces. It was so good to see our loyal customers. We saw many of our Georgia customers (obviously) but also got to see customers from Tennessee, Florida, South and North Carolina, Indiana and New York… and I am sure we talked to customers from many other places that I can’t recall right now.

SECO provided a great opportunity to introduce and provide samples of a couple of our new products. For example, we gave away many samples of our new optical lid scrub. Our visitors were really excited about our competitive pricing on the lid scrub and the retail-friendly packaging of this staple item.

Many visitors also fell in love with our Zoo Keeper eyeglass holder animals that were prominently on display.

Thank you all for stopping by. See you next year!



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