Posted by: juliegriffey | March 11, 2013

Latex vs. non-latex gloves… that is the question

Latex vs. non-latex gloves... that is the question

Latex vs. non-latex gloves… that is the question

We recently introduced a new line of gloves to our Amcon product line that includes gloves made from latex. This was due in part by a large customer of ours requesting them. This customer would be needing to use such a large volume of latex gloves that it made sense for us to bring them in.

When I saw we were bringing in latex gloves, this sort of surprised me.  I was under the impression that latex gloves had fallen out of favor due to latex allergies.  (Approximately 17% of the population have a latex allergy.) But, while allergies do exist and many people make a conscious effort to avoid latex gloves, this is not the case for everyone who need to wear gloves for work.  In fact, many people actually prefer latex gloves. But, why?

1) Latex gloves have a better leakage barrier than their vinyl counterparts.

2) Latex is a natural material and is therefore more comfortable than gloves made from artificial materials.

3) Latex gloves tend to be less expensive then their artificial counterparts.

4) Latex gloves do not impede sensitivity as much as other types of gloves and are therefore often preferred by surgeons and other workers who perform fine motor tasks.

This is all news to me… but now I’m glad that we have a latex glove option for those who prefer it.  Whether you prefer latex gloves or non-latex gloves, Amcon’s got you and your hands covered!



  1. This is excellent to know. I was wondering the same thing. Glad to know Latex is a natural product.

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