Posted by: juliegriffey | March 18, 2013

Introduction to Amcon Video – Big Premiere at Vision Expo East

The Amcon video premieres at Vision Expo East

The Amcon video premieres at Vision Expo East.  Check it out on YouTube:

As I write this blog post, many of my colleagues are hard at work in the Amcon booth at Vision Expo East at the Javitz Center in New York City.  This year we made a new addition to our booth –  a large, flat screen monitor that is playing a video all about Amcon.

We made the decision to integrate the monitor and video only a few weeks ago, so we were on a very tight production schedule to get it done.  Fortunately – all reports from Vision Expo are that the video is running great and is attracting some attention.  Wonderful news, because it took A LOT of work to get to this point.  We put in copious amounts of time thinking about our message, visuals, look/feel, etc… up  until that last minute when we had to hand off the flash drive holding the final draft of the video to the last group departing for New York.  (Actually – they were waiting to leave for the airport until the video finished rendering out).

Many thanks to Jake, our graphics production man, who quickly transitioned into a full-time motion-graphics/video editor.  He put in a ton of hours on this project, and lost some sleep worrying about it.  Thank you, Jake!  Anyway – assuming that many of you did not get a chance to see the video at the Amcon booth in New York this past week – here’s a look! 

More news from Vision Expo next week!


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