Posted by: juliegriffey | April 1, 2013

Why sunglasses are more important in the winter than the summer.

Amcon's new wraparound sunglasses: The Haven

Amcon’s new wraparound sunglasses: The Haven

Hello from Stowe, Vermont!  While it is officially spring and what the locals call “mud season” due to all of the snow melt and  muddy conditions, there are still large swaths and mounds of snow everywhere.  Vermont got A LOT of snow this year  which made it possible to ski even at this late point in the season. And it was actually pretty pleasant to not be freezing on the  mountain.  In fact, it was so sunny and clear that it was tempting to ski without any goggles.

Bad idea.

From my years of skiing experience – I have learned (sometimes the hard way) how easy it is to get sun burned.   The combination of being at a high altitude while surrounded by snow leads to a great deal of sun exposure.  In fact, the amount of sun exposure is so extreme that “an hour on the snow can be harder on your eyes than an afternoon at the beach.”

Here’s why:  Snow reflects approximately 80% of the sun’s rays.  Therefore your eyes receive a lot more light on a clear day where the ground is covered with snow than on a clear day when the ground is covered by grass, mud, astroturf, concrete, etc…

The best way to protect your eyes is to not only wear sunglasses, but sunglasses with wraparound protection.  Wraparound sunglasses have been shown to reduce snow blindness because they provide more thorough protection from the sun’s rays.   (Looking for Wraparound Sunglasses to retail to your patients?  Check out Amcon’s new line of wraparound sunglasses: the Haven Fits Over Sunglasses).

Yes – I realize that soon the snow will be gone.  But knowing that your should be wearing your sunglasses year round may help you justify an investment in a better pair of sunglasses.


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