Posted by: juliegriffey | April 8, 2013

If you value your eyes more than your memory or ability to walk, why don’t you take better care of them?

Don't put your contact in your mouth or under tap water before you put them in your eyes.

Don’t put your contact in your mouth or under tap water before you put them in your eyes.

This month Real Simple magazine published an article in their health guide about ten ways to take better care of your eyes. The justification they made for focusing on the eyes was that according to a 2012 survey by the American Optometric Association more than half the population value their eyesight more than their memory or their ability to walk. If we value or eyesight so much, then shouldn’t we take steps to take better care of our eyes?

Here are their ten suggestions for taking better care of your eyes.

1) Keep screens at a distance. Glare from screens can cause eyestrain. Reduce time at your computer screen, hold screens on handheld devices farther away from your eyes, or invest in an anti-glare filter for your computer monitor.
2) Blink frequently. Your eyelids are like windshield wipers, and blinking spreads tears over the eye and prevents them from drying out.
3) Wear sunglasses. UV light can deteriorate your vision.
4) Eat more seafood. Fish oils contain antioxidants that help prevent damage from free radicals.
5) Eat more greens. Leafy greens contain leutin and zeaxanthin which reduce the stressful effects of glare and exposure to light because they absorb some of that light.
6) Sleep more. Sleeping helps you produce more tears which helps defend the eye’s tissues from cataracts.
7) Take care of your contacts. Remove your contacts before sleeping and only use appropriate contact lens solutions to clean and store your contacts.
8) Dispose of old makeup after three months.  Bacteria grows all over old brushes and makeup.
9) Wear goggles.  2.5 million ocular injuries occur each year.  Don’t be a statistic.
10) See a doctor. Some conditions can be prevented if addressed early.

None of these suggestions came as much of a surprise to me as we have discussed some of these issues in the past, however, it always serves as a good reminder and to reinforce the important habits that lead to good ocular health



  1. Great article! Those people who take their eyes for granted should read this one. Eyes are very important so giving it proper care should be taken into consideration before its too late.

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