Posted by: juliegriffey | April 15, 2013

Bad optical habits… are they hurting your eyes?

Reading in low light is not bad for your eyes

Reading in low light is not bad for your eyes

Last week, I told you all about an article I discovered in the most recent issue of Real Simple magazine: “Ten Tips for Healthy Eyes.” In addition to these ten tips, the writer also discussed a few “myths” about common behaviors and responded as to whether there was any validity to them.

Myth #1: Reading in low light – does it cause damage to your eyes?

Answer: No. In fact, it may be just the opposite.  Reading in low light can actually strengthen the ocular muscle and keep your vision shaper, longer.

Myth #2: Waiting to get a strong enough contact lens or glasses prescription after your eyes change – is it bad for your eyes?

Answer: Not necessarily. Wearing glasses or contacts that are too weak will not hurt your eyes. But, consider why you need stronger glasses or contacts. A change in your prescription could indicate a more serious problem, and you should visit your eye doctor to find out.

Myth #3: Using redness reducing drops – are they addicting?

Answer: Yes.  Redness removal drops are initially effective by helping to restrict the blood vessels in the eyes, but when the effect wears out your eyes will become even redder.  Instead of using redness removal drops, artificial tears are a better solution to relieve irritation.

So there you have it.  Sometimes there are truths behind the rumors, and sometimes there are not. But, isn’t it nice to know it’s okay to read in bed with a flashlight?



  1. it’s wonderful knowing all that reading in bed secretly when I was supposed to be sleeping didn’t hurt my eyes! Thanks, Julie! 🙂

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