Posted by: juliegriffey | April 22, 2013

Do you wear contact lenses? Then you should know about our Vista Naps.

Amcon's Vista Naps

Amcon’s Vista Naps

If you wear contact lenses and are not familiar with Amcon’s Vista Naps – it’s about time that you get to know them.  Vista Naps are a premoistened, antimicrobial towelette that are formulated to cleanse hands of nicotine, cosmetics and oily residue before handling contact lenses.

So maybe you are thinking – but I wash my hands before I put in my contact lenses – why would I need Vista Naps?  Unfortunately not all methods of hand cleansing are created equal – especially when it comes to putting little piece of flimsy plastic in your eyes.  Clean hands can be problematic when inserting contact lenses as soap residue can get into your eye via your contact lens and – Oh my Lord – does it BURN!

Maybe you are thinking that Vista Naps sound a lot like our renowned optical hand scrub, Vista Prep. If so – then – DING DING DING – you are correct about that. Both product have a similar formation just a different method of delivery. In fact, the impetus for redesigning the Vista Naps packaging was to visually relate the Vista Naps to the Vista Prep line.

Vista Naps are different from Vista Prep because they are individually packaged which makes them easy to always have on hand.

Vista Naps are a great retail item for optical practitioners.  Optical professionals can retail Vista Naps in their practice to encourage proper handling and care of contact lenses, help patients avoid eye irritations and infections, and earn a few extra retail dollars for the office.


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