Posted by: cindyletchworth | April 29, 2013

Tips for Dealing with Spring Allergens

The weather has been a little erratic lately. Here in the Midwest we’ve had 80 degree days followed by nights in the thirties. Spring rain has begun and we, along with others, are experiencing rising rivers and flooding. On top of all those events, allergies are ramping up.

Trees are budding, dandelions are popping out in golden glory and mold is multiplying. If you suffer from nasal allergies you most likely suffer with eye allergies too. Some common irritants include: dust, grass, weeds perfumes, makeup and chemicals. Even contact lenses can cause  a sensitivity called Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis can create eye discharge and redness and is usually associated with a reaction to protein build-up on contact lenses.

The list of allergens is long and varied, but whether you experience mild or severe reactions, some ways to help ease eye discomfort is to:

  • Keep your eyes moist with appropriate drops. Use lubricant-type drops instead of ones that just help reduce redness.
  • Apply cold, wet compresses
  • Rinse eyes with eye wash
  • Keep your fingers away from your eyes and try not to rub them. Rubbing only aggravates them.
  • Protecting the eyes can be a useful tool, so wear sunglasses anytime you are outside.
  • If you wear contacts, clean them frequently
  • Wear regular glasses instead of contacts during the allergy season

According to Forbes, in 2012, a few cities that were the least effected by allergens included Portland, Oregon and Daytona Beach Florida. If you happen to reside in those areas, you may be in luck during the allergy season. For the rest of us, however, using some of the tricks above may be just the ticket we need to help soothe our eyes from those invisible triggers.


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