Posted by: juliegriffey | May 6, 2013

Boosting Your Retailing Dollars with Amcon’s NEW OptiPRO Line

Retailing Dollars with Amcon's OptiPRO Line Pre-pack Display is Now Available.

Retailing Dollars with Amcon’s OptiPRO Line Pre-pack Display is Now Available.

Hopefully, this week you received your brand new 2013 Amcon product catalog. If you open the front cover you will get an introduction to one of our newest items, the OptiPRO pre-packed display especially designed for retailing optical supplies.

This new, sturdy, rotating counter display is stocked with 74 retail-friendly items and designed to generate over $600 in retail sales.

A great amount of time and research went into coming up with the design and configuration of this display.  We wanted to offer our customers a display that was compact and could fit easily on a counter top, while maximizing the product space.  We also wanted our customers to be able to easily restock items as they depleted.

In researching displays, we saw a lot of cheap and flimsy displays.  After exhausting all of the pre-made display options, we decided to have one custom-made.  Our design is contemporary and made of sturdy wood with metal hooks that can be repositioned.

To refill the display, customers can choose from a variety of items in our catalog that come tagged to go right back on the display. Refill items can be purchased separately to make it easy to keep the display full.

We hope you like our new pre-pack counter-top retail display and hope that it leads to increased revenue for your optical practice.


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