Posted by: juliegriffey | May 15, 2013

Visual Teaching Aids Help Patients Understand Optical Conditions

6x Dissectible Eye Model

6x Dissectible Eye Model

In the 2013 Amcon catalog, we introduced a few new products that are designed to be used as patient teaching tools in the office: The 6X Dissectible Eye Model, the “Eye” poster and the “Understanding Glaucoma” poster. These teaching materials are valuable resources for an optical practice as they help the patient understand how their eye works and how diseases are affecting their eye(s).

Patient education has been shown to help disease prevention in that it offers a way to control a medical problem before it gets out of hand. For example, if a patient understands the symptoms of glaucoma, she can identify her own condition before it becomes too severe.

Understanding Glaucoma

Understanding Glaucoma

Patient education also helps the physician, hospitals and insurance companies.  Post-procedure hospital stays are becoming shorter and patients are more responsible for their follow-up care.  Negligent post-op care may result in the patient requiring more medical attention.

When it comes to patient education materials, they are not all created equal.  Patients have varied levels of literacy, so visuals are often a more effective way to communicate than printed pieces or even verbal explanation. Amcon’s new patient education materials are clear and detailed.

Have a look at Amcon’s new teaching tools.  We hope these help you better educate your patients.

 Eye: Anterior & Posterior Chambers

Eye: Anterior & Posterior Chambers


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