Posted by: juliegriffey | May 20, 2013

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media to Promote Your Optical Practice

How to Use Social Media for Optical Professionals

How to Use Social Media for Optical Professionals

If you are not using social media to promote your practice you may be thinking… why? how? Well – there is a lot of power in developing a social media presence to a) help people find you and b) establish you as an expert in a niche market. In fact, social media has been a topic that I have discussed in the past on this blog (5 Reasons Why Social Media Can Help Promote Your Optical Practice – June 6, 2011 ).

Developing a social media presence as a medical professional is especially powerful, as medical terms and questions are one of the most frequently searched topics on the Internet. When people are looking for on-line medical advice, most are savvy enough to check the authenticity of the source.  Publishing content on-line as a legitimate optometrist or ophthalmologist makes the content more credible than a lot of other material on-line.

When you set off to begin your social media campaign, it helps to have some role models to study and motivate you along.  Three doctors who have set the gold standard for creating on-line campaigns are Kevin Pho, MD, Howard Luks, MD and Deanna Attai, MD. Their high profile on-line has helped their practices flourish.

1) Kevin Pho, MD:  is a Nashua, N.H. based internist who started his blog in 2004.  In the past nine years it has become one of the most popular medical blogs.  His high public profile has led to frequent radio, TV and conference guest appearances.

2) Howard Luks, MD: is an Hawthorne, N.Y. based orthopedic surgeon who advocates for medical professionals to establish a social media presence. His is another very popular medial blog.

3) Deanna Attai, MD:  is a breast surgeon who has created a dynamic web site and strong social presence.  Her web site has become a go-to resource for the breast cancer community.

When establishing an on-line presence it’s important to tread carefully.  Any information that you post must be accurate, as it can always be traced back to you. Also – keep in mind doctor / patient confidentiality.  When patients reach out for specific advice, its best to encourage them to visit your office rather than doling out advice on-line.

Becoming an expert and a go-to resource in the optical field is not rocket science.  It’s a matter of consistently producing interesting and relevant content and publishing it through the multiple social media channels.


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