Posted by: juliegriffey | May 28, 2013

Punctal Plugs Designed to Stay Put

Comfortear™ Punctal Plugs

Comfortear™ Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are used as a standard treatment for severe dry eye syndrome.  They are small, tube-like devices often made of collagen or silicone that are surgically inserted into the eye’s punctum.  They work by preventing too many tears from leaving the eye, keeping the eye moist.   (In fact -sometimes they can work too well and leave a patient with very very watery eyes).

I learned something new about punctal plugs while exhibiting at SECO this year: every once in a while – they can pop out.  I learned this bit of information from one of our optometrist customers who stopped by our booth wanting to purchase some punctal plugs. We showed him our newest line of punctal plugs: the Comfortear™ line of punctal plugs, because they are specifically designed to stay put.

On the package of the Comfortear™ plugs they tout their unique shape and design that minimizes pop out.

Comfortear™ Punctum Plugs have been engineered to address the issues of collapse and “pop out” common in traditional punctum plugs with its patented Micro-Beam Technology™.

Our customer at SECO purchased some of the Comfortear™ plugs and then stuck around to chat a bit.  Over the course of the conversation, he bragged that his own punctal plugs had stayed put for over 10 years.  I actually asked him: “did you insert your own punctal plugs?” His response: “Um.  No.  It would have been hard to see what I was doing.”  Ok. dumb question. Ha.



  1. […] Last week I talked about our new line of punctal plugs (the Comfortear plugs) which are designed to minimize pop out. When I first heard about them, my first questions was: “punctal plugs pop out?” Apparently they do. […]

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