Posted by: juliegriffey | June 10, 2013

If you wear contact lenses, always add a Vista Nap to your dopp kit. Always.

Vista Naps: hand cleaning for contact lens wearers

Vista Naps: hand cleaning for contact lens wearers

Hello from the road.  Today I’m traveling back from Wisconsin where we did a little camping up in Door County.  It was beautiful, relaxing, fun, etc… But, you know, camping is camping and I am looking forward to a shower and the comfort of my own bed.

State park bathrooms are not the cleanest places I have ever taken a shower to say the least. So when it comes to handling my contacts I am SUPER careful.  I don’t know if I could ever sufficiently clean my contact lens after dropping it on the bathroom floor of a state park bathroom.

When you are handling your contacts on a camping trip, the cleanliness of the bathroom isn’t your only concern.  You should also think about what’s on your hands before handling your contacts: ashes from the camp fire, dirt, sand, and who knows what else.  Also – if your “bathroom” does not have running water, some offer Purell-like hand sanitizer to clean your hands, and you definitely don’t want any of this stuff in your eyes.

So what’s a contact lens wearing girl to do on a camping trip?  Use  Vista Naps.  Vista Naps are individually packaged hand wipes that clean your hands but do not leave any residue so you can handle your contact lenses immediately after cleaning your hands.   And the quicker you can clean your hands, the quicker you are out of that nasty bathroom.




  1. Our patients are asking where they can purchase your product? After using the Vista Nap Hand Wipes in the office they are sold on them.

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