Posted by: juliegriffey | June 15, 2013

Multiple Uses for the New 6-Cavity Frame Presentation Case

presentation-case-with-mirrorIn the 2013 Amcon catalog, we introduced a 6-Cavity Frame Presentation Case. The intended use for this product is for the optician to present a frame selection to the customer. The mirror (on the inside of one of the styles we carry) allows the customer to assess her appearance while trying on a selection of frames.

In addition to the 6-Cavity Frame Presentation Case being super functional, it is also quite attractive. It has a high-end feel – elevating the quality of the frames that are shown in it. Can you tell we are a bit smitten with this product? In fact, we have come up with a couple of additional uses for the 6-Cavity Frame Presentation Case.

Have you ever been to a high-end restaurant where they have offered you reading glasses to help you view the menu? If so – how was the range of powers presented to you? A fancy restaurant should have a fancy presentation case, don’t you think?

How about using the use 6-Cavity Frame Presentation Case on your dresser to store the multiple pairs of glasses that you have laying around? Between me and my husband (both being blind as bats) – we have a bazillion pairs of glasses in our bedroom. I have decided I am bringing this product home.

We hope you like the new 6-Cavity Frame presentation case as much as we do! Have any ideas about alternative uses for this product? We would love to hear your thoughts.


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