Posted by: cindyletchworth | July 1, 2013

Bedazzle your Amcon contact lens case

Bedazzle your Amcon contact lens case

Bedazzle your Amcon contact lens case

We have a relatively new product called the Contact Lens Care Compact. These nifty hard plastic containers come with mini contact lens tweezers, 2 vials for contact lens solutions, contact screw-top cases and a built in mirror.

One of our customers called in with a reorder for these compacts. She said the compacts are going over well with her patients, especially the purple and pink colored ones. There is a third color in the compact assortment, which is black. Our customer said one of her patients decided to buy the last purple and pink ones she had for her daughters. The patient also wanted one for herself and looked at the black ones. Our customer apologized, saying she was sorry she only had the black color to offer her.

The woman thought for a moment, turned the case about, then exclaimed, “No problem. I’ll bedazzle it myself!”

When I heard this we both laughed. What an ingenious notion, I mused. Dressing up the cases could prove not only to be a great craft project, but would give them a personal touch. Instantly visions of precisely placed rhinestones and sparkly gems filled my mind with all kinds of possibilities. You could make designs or patterns or maybe a happy face.

Our customer recommended that we make bedazzling kits. I asked what that would look like, and she suggested anything that glitters, shines or brings a smile. So, maybe if the owners go for it, we could make a kit and call it Bedazzle With Amcon…. it’s just a thought.


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