Posted by: juliegriffey | July 8, 2013

Getting LASIK? Consider how your contacts and glasses have protected your eyes.

LASIK may allow you to get rid of your glasses, but what else are you losing?

LASIK may allow you to get rid of your glasses, but what else are you losing?

I just returned from a week in the sun, sand and surf in Norfolk / Virginia Beach, Virginia. Each summer when we visit, the whole family gets our eyes checked by my brother-in-law, Paul Griffey (Chesapeake Eyecare and Laser Center). (Since I married into this family I have never had such regular eye checks… talk about VIP service…I am just grateful they are not in other medical professions if you get what I mean).  Anyway… this time when he checked my eyes he asked if I had considered doing LASIK.  Apparently with my moderate near-sighted condition and his new laser – I am an easy fix.   After hearing from Paul about how the procedure works and the associated risks – I think I am sold.  So my plan is to go under the knife (or laser) when we visit again in December.  But in the past few days since my appointment – I began to wonder – will I miss my contacts and glasses?

Taking out my contacts and putting on my glasses has been part of my evening routine for the past 25 years.  Once I have my jammies and glasses on – I’m ready to hit the sack.  It’s sort of my nighttime look.   Even though they are continually smudged and stretched out to the point of falling off my face – I think I might miss my glasses.  My contacts, on the other hand, I can easily bid farewell.  I am always forgetting to buy contact lens solution.  Or I drop one on the floor when I am out of town (with no spare) and am in a panic trying to find it.

What is giving me second thoughts about bidding adieu to my contacts and glasses is learning about their protective abilities.  When I looked at my new box of contacts I noticed that my contact lenses offer UV protection.  While my lenses are clear, there are still UV blocking filters embedded in the lens material. How cool is that? Of course this is not complete protection as the contact does not fully cover the entire eye – but hey – its not bad.  I am just as forgetful about wearing sunglasses as I am about buying contact lens solution so I can use all the help I can get.

While I don’t wear my glasses that often, people who do benefit from their protective capabilities.  Glasses provide a barrier from debris or other particles in the air that might get into the eye.

Considering the protective qualities of glasses and contacts has given me pause.  I mean LASIK seems almost too good to be true.  Now that I am considering it, I find myself thinking about what else I might be losing (besides the burden of contacts and glasses) before jumping into the surgery.


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