Posted by: juliegriffey | July 15, 2013

How to make your kids glasses a little bit cooler… check out Amcon’s Sleyeders™ Eyewear charms

Slyders - eyeglass charms from Amcon Labs

Slyders – eyeglass charms from Amcon Labs

58.8 million children in the United States wear glasses which means there are A LOT of children getting fit for glasses in optical shops around the country. Getting glasses can be a traumatic experience for a kid.  A parent of a young child  who needs glasses may wonder how to help her child with this transition?

There are many resources on-line that provide suggestions for helping a child get used to her new glasses. One key point that is stated again and again on-line is to allow a child to pick out her own glasses.  Seriously?  All I can think of is… thank the Lord my 7-year-old does not need glasses.  I can only imagine the glasses she would pick out.  And glasses are not cheap!

What if there were a compromise?  Perhaps as a parent you could gently guide your child into picking out an appropriate pair of spectacles if you splurged for a little accessory?

Amcon recently introduced a line of eyeglass charms called Sleyeders™.   These little charms slide right on the temple of the kid’s glasses and instantly provide a bit of extra bling and personal style.  We currently carry 12 different styles so there is something for everyone.   Sleyeders™ make wearing glasses fun.

So bring on the teasing!  If you don’t wear glasses – you can’t have Sleyeders.™  Glasses just got a little bit cooler.


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