Posted by: juliegriffey | July 29, 2013

“More Dry Eyes in the House.” The NEW Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress is designed to help.

Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress

Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress

Why are eye doctors seeing so many cases of dry eye lately? This was the question addressed a couple of weeks ago in a Wall Street Journal article. According to the report, 25 million Americans suffer from dry eyes. It is now the second most common complaint heard by ophthalmologists after vision problems.

The reasons that more people are having trouble with dry eye is attributed to increased screen time, an aging population, and more people living in dry, arid climates. Unfortunately you can’t do much about getting older, and it may be a bit inconvenient to change the climate where you live. However, you can spend less time in front of your computer, and when you do, remind yourself to blink more often. The doctor quoted in the article actually suggests making a sign on your computer monitor that says “blink,” so that you are reminded to do so more often.

More cases of dry eye in the population means more products available to help with the problem. Of course, there are many eyedrops on the market that combat dry eye symptoms, some more effective than others. In more severe cases of dry eye, an eye doctor can insert punctal plugs into the patient’s eye which help prevent tears from running off. There are also new therapeutic devices that help stimulate the production of tears.

A new product that we recently introduced is called the Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress. It looks like a sleep mask, and is intended to be microwaved briefly to be warmed and then worn for five minute intervals throughout the day. The warm compress frees the oil in the glands to flow into the eyes, slowing tear evaporation.

Have you tried the Bruder compress or another similar device?  What works for you in alleviating your dry eye symptoms?

Check out the WSJ article on dry eye.



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