Posted by: Bryan B. | August 5, 2013

Here’s why you are going to LOVE the new “my Amcon” feature on our new web site.

Here’s why you are going to LOVE the new “my Amcon” feature on our new web site.

Here’s why you are going to LOVE the new “my Amcon” feature on our new web site.

One of the biggest changes from the previous version of the Amcon web site to the new one is the introduction of the “My Amcon” area. “My Amcon” is your one stop shop for all things Amcon.  You will encounter “My Amcon” once you login to the Amcon site.

In this area, we have combined many of the existing features that were on the old web site but in different locations.  For example, you can always see whats being featured on the Item of the Week Email,  view all products currently on sale, and access the most recent catalog PDFs. While none of this may be new to, having it all in one area is.

Now for the newest of the new features that “My Amcon” offers.

1) Have you ever wanted to send a quick email to your sales rep, but couldn’t find their email information? On the right hand side of the “My Amcon” landing page, you will always see your sales rep’s name, email, and phone number.

2) Have you ever placed an order, but couldn’t remember what you ordered? Now you can see all orders that have been processed.

3) And finally, have you ever been in a  hurry to place an order for just a couple of items that you have ordered in the past year? With our new “Create Order from Order History”,  feature you can easily reorder any product that you have ordered in the past year (that is still on the web site). “Create Order from Order History” can be accessed  under the product section of my “My Amcon” area.  All you need to do is enter the quantity of each product you want to order and the products will be added to your cart.  Using this feature, you check out like you normally would.

We hope that the addition of the “My Amcon” features will make your shopping experience easier and more efficient.  We always welcome your comments and suggestions on our site.



  1. very nice product

  2. […] It’s been a transitional summer at Amcon.  Some of these transitions may have been apparent to you, our customers, but some changes were more behind the scenes.  One of our more “public” projects was the launch our new web site In July.  If you have been following this blog, you may remember our posts about some of the new features and behaviors of the latest Amcon web site. […]

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