Posted by: juliegriffey | August 12, 2013

Don’t underestimate this little credit card style lens cleaner…

The MIRA lens cleaner fits almost anywhere and hold over 350 sprays of lens cleaner.

The MIRA lens cleaner fits almost anywhere and hold over 350 sprays of lens cleaner.

In the 2013  Amcon catalog, we introduced a new lens cleaner (MIRA) in a unique packaging form. The cleaner comes in a dispenser that is about the size of a credit card and only about a quarter of an inch thick. It’s the perfect size for laptop cases, book bags and pants pockets which makes it a great giveaway that patients will really use.

With it’s flat shape, the MIRA cleaner makes a great product for imprinting.  When imprinted, the practice logo is extremely legible and prominent, so it will surely remind patients of your optical practice.

In addition to cleaning glasses, lens cleaners are great for removing smudges and dirt off of laptop and smart phone screens. However, lens cleaner should never be sprayed directly onto any of these devices.  You should always spray onto a cleaning cloth, then clean your device. For this reason, we also offer the MIRA Cleaner with an attached Soft as Silk cleaning cloth.

One concern about this product that we have heard from our customers is – with a size so compact – how can it hold much lens cleaner?  Surely – it could only generate a few sprays.  Well – we put this little lens cleaner to the test and discovered that each sprayer averages approx 350 sprays.

Think about it – If you clean your glasses once/day – it will last almost the entire year.   Right as your patient runs out – it will be time for another visit to the eye doctor.  With back to school business booming – the MIRA lens cleaner may be your new perfect giveaway that will help you get patients back into your office next year.


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