Posted by: juliegriffey | September 9, 2013

Six reasons why now is the time to start ordering your Amcon Holiday Lens Cleaner

Amcon's holiday lens cleaners

Amcon’s holiday lens cleaners

When we recently changed the July/August sale items to the September / October sale items on the Amcon web site, I noticed that our new line of holiday lens cleaner is now available.  And here’s what I was thinking… “Oh my goodness, is it that time of year yet???”  Apparently it is. Here are six reasons why you should stock up on your Amcon holiday eyeglass lens cleaner.

1) Limited stock – the demand for reindeer lens cleaner goes down (just a bit) in January so we only keep a limited supply on hand.  If you want holiday lens cleaner, now is the time to get it before we run out.

2) Great new designs.  Check out our groovy new Santa wearing sunglasses design. We realized that even though we live in the Midwest and are accustomed to snowmen and (occasional) White Christmases, not everyone lives in this type of climate. The Santa with Shades was designed with our warm holiday weather customers in mind.

3) If you want to get it imprinted, you need to account for the lead time.  Here’s what our imprint diva, Amy F. said about lead time for personalized, holiday lens cleaner.

If you want to have holiday lens cleaner in time to use during the holiday season, you have to keep that 3-4 week lead-time in mind.  We’ll probably stop taking imprint orders around November 15th to ensure delivery by December 9th. 

4)  Giving out free lens cleaner could increase customer loyalty.   Everyone loves a giveaway. Think about it.  Would you choose to do business with the company that gives you the free gift or one that doesn’t?  Personally – I would pick the gift – especially if it something that I could use.  And  – personalized lens cleaner is a gift that will remind the user of you every time they clean their lenses.  All they need to do is look on the bottle!

5) Holiday lens cleaner puts your customers in the holiday spirit.  Heck – they might even start their holiday shopping right there in your optical shop!

6) We can customize the message to suit your needs. Another note from our imprint diva, Amy F…

If the customer wants to remove or change the “message” (like how the tree says “Merry Christmas”), they can do that. We just had our first customer that placed their order change the message to say “Happy Holidays”.

Check out our 2013 line of holiday lens cleaners.


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