Posted by: juliegriffey | September 15, 2013

What the shopping bag you give away says about your store

Amcon's new boutique bag

Amcon’s new boutique bag

For years we have offered several different lines of supply bags in the Amcon product line.  Every so often we introduce new designs and retire the designs that are starting to feel stale.   And based on our sales of our supply bags, it seems like our customers are pretty satisfied with the quality and style of our supply bags.

While the designs on our bags have changed over time, we have never veered from our bag material: white or clear thick plastic.  However, recently we started to hear from our customers that they craved a more upscale bag more in line with their upscale optical shops.  So we introduced a new upscale “boutique” bag with a sophisticated black and white graphic design and “thank you” printed on the front in a modern sans serif typeface.  We think it looks pretty sharp.

But how does that benefit you, the optical store owner to give your customers a nicer bag when they check out? As consumers have gotten more “green,” they hold on to bags longer.  Nicer bags are stored and customers use them later as a carry all for lunches or other random items down the road. When they use the bag they got at your shop, they think of you.

Nice shopping bags might also inspire purchases.  If you give a way nice shopping bags, customers may buy the cheapest item in the store just to get the bag.

Nice shopping bags even make customers feel better about themselves.  And, when you make a customer feel good about themselves, don’t you think they will want to come back?

So there you have it. It may be time to upgrade your shopping bags…

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